Costs Of Installing A Boiler

If you are considering changing your boiler, either because it’s broken down or it is inefficient then there are several things you need to consider before doing so. This is not something you can always do yourself as some states have regulations about borders being needed to be fitted by qualified professionals.

The unfortunate thing about installing a new boiler is the Labour is generally far costlier than the boiler itself. This guide is can give you a rough idea of what you need to know before contacting the installer so you have a rough idea of what to expect to pay beforehand.

Costs Of Fitting A BoilerIf you do live in a state that allows you to fit a new boiler without needing a specific location then you can always have a go but I would follow the advice of professional people or specific online guides in relation to your exact boiler model. It is still worth getting the green light from a professional, even if it’s just them coming round us was to check that everything is done as it should be.

The installation costs are borders will vary hugely but is all dependent on how much work is going to be required in order to do the job. Generally, all the parts needed to fit the boiler will come with the unit itself however if adjustments are needed to be made then you need to consider the potential cost of these extra parts to accommodate these changes.

Because condensing boilers have been around for a relatively short time even the first ones installed are still well within the lifespan. However, if you are looking to replace a standard non-condensing gas boiler with a new modern condensing one in exactly the same position there are certain things you need to consider.

The main thing is that the plumber will need to check the location of the gas supply and the position of the flu. It is more likely than not that this will need to be removed and replaced in order to accommodate the new boiler. For this kind of task, you should expect to pay between 600 and $700.

If you are by chance of replacing a condensing boiler with a new condensing boiler, then providing the ball is going back in the same place then you will probably looking to pay between $500 and $600.

If you are considering having a new condensing boiler fitted in a different location to your current boiler and upgrading things like radiator valves you should be expecting to pay between $1200 and $1800 depending on the complexities of the task in hand.


Finding A Qualified Installer

Dependent on the region you are living in is not necessarily a legal requirement to have the boiler fitted by a qualified engineer however this is one task I strongly recommend is carried out by a professional. I’ve seen too many accidents over the years from ill-fitting gas pipes and also water damage because a new boiler has not been correctly fitted.

This is extremely important that you find an installer who holds all the relevant qualifications. The reason for this is they will be working on the gas mains and as such could potentially cause huge damage if the boiler was installed incorrectly.

If you are having an Oil Based Boiler installed, then there are a few things you should take note of. The oil fired combustion appliances that has an output of hundred kilowatts or less and can only be installed in a building which is less than three stories (which does not include a basement cellar).

You will need considerable room to keep an oil storage tank and a professional to fit the supporting pipes to the appliance. On the to take note of is that servicing and oil fired appliance has to be done regularly and by a qualified oil combustion installer.