How To Fit Double Glazed Windows

If you’re renovating a house, then the chances are you will be looking to replace old windows with double glazed windows. The reason for this is they are far more energy efficient which will in turn lower your electric and gas bills. In this article will tell you that you need to know about how to fit a double glazed window.

When you get a Windows you will find that they generally coming as three parts. They are the glass, the sill and of course the frame. More often than not when you order them (especially online) they will arrive separately.

Removing Your Old Windows

Obviously the first thing you going to need to do is remove your old windows. This needs to be done extremely carefully. Always try and take great care not to damage the walls surrounding the window otherwise is just creating work you later on. On the most important things to take note of though is that you do not damage any damp proof course in on the vertical or even worse they have been taken out with your frame. If they have accidentally come out, then simply slide back into position. If they need replacing, then this is the point you should do it.

In this day and age you will find that modern Windows actually come with a piece of the top which is known as a trickle vent. This little ventilation point allows the warm air that can build up in between the window recesses to escape rather than hitting the cold glass which will cause condensation.


The Frame And Glass

How To Fit Double GlazingDouble glazing comes a sealed unit, it is not something you put together. Double glazing is basically to panes of glass which are separated by crystals made from silicon. The idea is that these crystals should continually soak up any moisture in the gap between the glass panes. More often than not you get around a 10 year guarantee on a double glazing panel, they should still last considerably longer than that as well.

When you place an order for your Windows the glass is cut to fit the frame see only have to worry about getting the frame size right everything is will come ready to put together. When it comes to inserting the glass you may need to space out slightly so the glass six central in the frame.


The Window Sill And Capping

when you take delivery of your window units you will see the sale will actually come separately from the frame. Normally you have to cut the sill to fit. The reason for this is sometimes sills are slightly longer than the window itself. The sill should itself come with some end caps. If it is not supplied with the window unit you may need to purchase some PVC superglue. He simply glue the end To the End of the Sill When You’ve Cut It to the Right Length.

When you are installing sale it simply sits on the outside skin of the wall on either a cement, sand or even mastic base. Simply place a small bead of silicon on the top of the sill and then when you put the frame in will sit on top of that.


Fixing In The Frame

The fixing holes will be drilled once the beads are out and the screw heads of being completely covered by the sealed unit, this happens once is placed in the frame. Simply put the frame into space left by the window and try line up and square off the edges. To make sure it lines up correctly you may need to use little spaces to hold in position. Recommendation do is to request a bundle of spaces to be thrown in with your order from new windows.

At this point you need to find a strong area of the wall and drill straight through the frame and into the wall. At this point you need to countersink the whole but diligently. The area of plastic here is relatively thin and really all you need to do is ensure the whole of the correct size.

From this point you need to insert the frame fixing screws. The screws should come with the plugs which are essential. First of all, take the screw out of the plug and push the plug into the whole first. You may need to force it into the hole and jiggle around to make it fit. After this push the screw and as far as you can and then tighten up with a screwdriver.


Installing The Glass

At this point you now need to place the glass inside the frame. You may need to use a selection of different spaces to make sure it sits completely square. At this point you now need to insert the beading starting with a shorter sections first. Once you’ve inserted or four pieces of beading your double glazing should be installed satisfactorily.

You may at this point need to double-check around the frame for any gaps which could possibly need a little bit of sealant other than that of double glazing is installed.